The teachings I’ve received from Laura have been like gold. It’s truly been a gift to benefit from her deep commitment to truth and liberation through the beautiful gateway of Tantra. Her level of expertise and knowledge combined with her sense of humor and depth create a transformational experience that is unique and engaging on multiple fronts. The time I’ve had with her has brought my experience and understanding of my sexuality, femininity, and personal spiritual connection to a whole new level. She offers a rare look into teachings that are not readily available in a compassionate, connective way that is deeply rooted in experience.
— Luca, USA
The Path of Tantra workshop presents insights and wisdom that every human being should know. After I took the course, I was left wondering why no one had ever taught me these essential skills; it’s like forgetting to teach people how to brush their teeth or tie their shoes, except for something much more intimate and important – it’s our bodies, our relationships, our life we’re talking about here. Few human beings could possibly match Laura in her knowledge of Tantra, her witty but compassionate teaching style, and her ability to lead us deep into forgotten places inside ourselves.
— Christian, USA
The tantra intensive was hands down one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It was profound, deep, and life-changing. At first, I was unsure what I was getting into, as “tantra” can mean a lot of things in the West. I also didn’t know how intense it would be. But after getting on a call with Laura, my partner and I decided to take the leap of faith and follow our intuitions about enrolling. I left the workshop with more insights about my relationship to my inner feminine and masculine and cleared a bunch of gunk out from past dysfunctional relationships that were no longer serving me, so that I could be more present in my current relationship. I definitely feel like I understood how I was creating my own patterns and suffering on a subconscious level and it was time to take full responsibility. My partner and I feel like we have more tools for experiencing pleasure and union together, and removing barriers to love. We learned some extremely powerful breathing techniques, and ways to harness our sexual energy in a way that we never even knew was possible. Laura is down-to-Earth, wise, and willing to go to the darkest, most shameful places with you if it means your soul is going to grow and your heart is going to open. She is an excellent guide and extremely knowledgeable teacher. If you’re thinking about working with her, don’t hesitate and reach out!
— Anonymous
Laura’s Tantra Intensive course has been a real life changer for me. I have been searching in the past for what it is in me that was sabotaging my life, and where it came from. It got to the point I found it better to just not care about it anymore. Laura’s course changed everything, showing some things very clearly. It gave me something concrete and almost touchable to work with. This was a year and a half ago, and now I’m still on the path that started during the Tantra course. Being better than ever, feeling better than ever. Thanks Laura, your work is the single best thing that happened to me so far!
— Peter, Belgium
Wow this course is awesome! I have known Laura as a teacher for many years. She has been studying and practicing very intensely on different spiritual paths and this course is her jewel! She is sharing this treasure from her heart with great knowledge and lots of experience. Humble, with joy, great humor and firmness was Laura taking me on a journey to sacred intimacy! I highly recommend this course!
— Monika, Switzerland
Laura Carrotti is one of the few spiritual teachers on earth that truly understands the higher octave of genuine Tantric philosophy put to practice and appropriate for modern times. I would recommend her to any individual, couple or group for a truly enlightening, direct experience of the most elusive and sublime ancient healing art called Tantra.
— Deva, USA
Laura’s work has opened up a deeper perspective that enables me to see the connection between my sexual energy and life itself. It´s not just her work itself, it´s also Laura’s clear, honest and lovely presence that makes her work so special for me. She is one of the most authentic persons i have had the opportunity to work with which makes it pretty easy for me to highly recommend her work to everyone who is curious to get to know themselves a little bit better.
— Sara, Germany
I did not know Laura before and didn’t know what to expect. Tantra felt like a big step for me and I wanted to be sure that feeling safe in the group and personal boundaries would be respected. That was very much the case. It feels like Laura’s approach contains the experience of a lifetime of spiritual work. I was deeply touched by how she shared her personal experiences and all that she has learned from that. The retreat is intense from the start but that helps to get really deep stuff to surface quickly and to, if you are willing to really look at your shadow side, can bring a lot of insight and healing. This retreat felt like a big mirror of what lived inside of me. All my fears and doubts came to the surface. But as I was ready to face them it released a lot of deep buried emotions. I got a lot of insight about myself and healing on a deep level.
Thank you Laura for this amazing and profound experience! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping people in such a profound way!
— Yuri, Belgium
As a teacher of Reiki and Yoga of fifteen years, I have not yet offered a retreat for my students. And now I know why. The gift of Laura Carrotti’s Path of Tantra retreat has opened my heart and eyes; indeed it has raised the bar of what I ever imagined could be possible in such an intimate setting and over the course of five days. Herein lies true mastery in making the most of the time a teacher has with their students while creating the correct conditions by which deep transformation can take place.

The rigorous daily practice of Dynamic Meditation and Yoga, followed by lectures, group play, individual practice, breathwork & more filled the hours of each day into the night. The itinerary takes the student out of what is their normal daily routine into a world by which ones innards become marinated with knowledge and the direct experience of Tantra Yoga to the point of no return.

I encourage spiritual practitioners, teachers, and everyday people to give themselves the gift of change they so deeply seek, by taking the road less travelled -into themselves via the Path of Tantra retreat.

You will not be the same person you were at the beginning. I was ready for my life to change. I was ready for a healing, I was ready to know more of who I am in my life now- and this retreat delivered just that.
— Tuesday, USA

You are a life saver ;-) The work you do is so amazing, beautiful and important!!! I want to thank you with all my heart for your energy, sharing, compassion, love, knowledge, dancing, parties, tears, changes, and so many other beautiful things that I’m not even aware of.
Your courses have made a very important impact in my life! for that I’m immensely grateful!!

Like you said the exercises are the same but the experience is so different. I could really feel the difference with the first course, I was clearly working on other levels and subjects then the previous time...
Tom, Belgium
I would recommend the tantra intensive because it gave me throughout the program different ways to feel my body and to feel the stream of life-energy within me that keeps on growing in intensity and will stay on for days and even weeks. You get tools to empower your energy.
I have discovered that breathing is also a path to feel the energy and to intensify the life energy. I also got a number of new insights concerning the feminine and male energy and how they relate within me as they are shown to me in all my relationships. Also everybody goes as far as they are willing to go in every exercise and experience. The teacher teaches real responsibility and honesty by only giving information and possibilities to practice or to be more conscious of your inner and your inner-selves.
— Ceciel, Belgium
The workshop was a starting point for a new vision of my Life. I’m really thankful for all the teachings that I am practicing daily little by little.
All the information is resonating incredibly in my body, mind and Soul. Thank you.
— Nadeshwari, Italy
The Tantra workshop was a transforming experience thanks to Laura´s teachings.The way she transmits knowledge is dynamic, lively, funny and at the same time accurate, tou­ching, and full of wisdom and depth. Although we were quite a big group of people, Laura managed to keep a beautiful intimate atmos­phere. Laura is a serious and comprehensive teacher and we have a lot of trust in her as person.We recommend her wholeheartedly.
— Gali Bar and Julienne, Israel and Germany
I went through a big transformation during this workshop. It was extremely confronting, and opened many doors to higher insights. Working on relationships and sex is opening up locked doors, leading straight to our core. Tantra brings me back to the essence. It’s natural pure Love. The teachings of the tantra workshop are treasures, beautiful information that can help anyone on this planet. It was a gift to receive these teachings. So clear, pure, honest, experienced, spontaneous, so full of Love
— Maarten, Belgium
I attended a Tantra workshop run by Laura Carrotti. Laura has a vast knowledge of the spiritual, technological and emotional elements of Tantra . She is a compassionate teacher, with a big heart and is not afraid to share her story so others may grow. She was always ready to answer any question, and offer her support. A beautiful soul with a beautiful gift to share with the world.
— Nina, South Africa
The Tantra workshop run by Laura Carrotti was profoundly inspiring. The teacher brought passion and commitment to the room. The information presented felt vibrant because she talked from her heart, drawing heavily on personal experience and anecdotal evidence. I believe that if there is no Tantra without love, there can be no Tantra teaching without the same. Laura seemed to share this belief. Even having participated in a Tantra workshop earlier in the season, the sessions here gave me significant new insights into the practice of sexual Tantra. This was not a survey of scripture, but a lively exploration of the subject, in which the teacher engaged with her audience and fielded questions with patience and sensitivity.
After five days, I felt newly focused and enthusiastic. The lessons I learned in that time penetrated to a level beyond the intellectual, and I feel them in my being still.
— Harry, UK
Laura presented the information in fresh, stimulating, thought provoking ways, suitable for both absolute beginners and to others, like me, who already had prior knowledge and experience in Tantra. One of the best things in the workshop was Laura sharing her personal experiences with us, which made it all more real and true and alive, and touched me and others deeply.

In terms of facilitating the workshop, she kept a fine balance between keeping it organized and structured, and letting it flow and allowing people and the dynamic of the group to influence the way the workshop was progressing. I usually ask very specific and frequent questions and Laura was able to answer them with patience and insight. By the end of the workshop, both my partner and I felt we had received a lot and we were very grateful. Our relationship and love life has become even better since then
— Eyal, Israel
I loved the guidance and insights on what my personal development could use.
I’m still taking that into account frequently!
— Steve, Holland
I came from a Buddhist background, Vedantic path and a life of negation, abstention, consecration. Laura’s extensive knowledge on different philosophies, lineages and spiritual traditions, other than Tantra and Yoga, were a blessing, bridging all my questions and blanks into a place of profound understanding.

Her eloquent transmission of intricate ancient teachings makes Eastern traditions and philosophies accessible to digest for the Western mind, something which I often found missing in many of my great teachers and spiritual guides, both in the East and in the West. This essential aspect for any facilitator is present in Laura, for she speaks with much more than words, reaching deep corners of your being. Hence, transformation takes place at all levels. She is an inspiration by being the devoted very living example of what she teaches. Her humbleness, devotion, passion and understanding take her to convey from a place of love and compassion, gently opening your heart into the ego-less realm of transformation; no pampering words, no lies or half truths. She speaks straight to your heart. In her I found a teacher, a guide and a mentor.”
— Irati, Spain