Q: Hey Laura, what do y’all do in this workshop anyhow?

A: Well, if I told you that it would ruin the surprise, now wouldn’t it? The truth is no two workshops are ever the same, because no two groups are ever the same. I have a bag of tricks and I do my best to use whatever ones are best for the situation at hand. That being said there are some things which are for sure; we will do a lot of experiential work with our own energy systems and physical bodies. Be prepared for Hatha Yoga and for a fair amount of movement, dance and dynamic meditations. We will also put a fair amount of self-investigation into the way that we work, so be prepared to have to look objectively at yourself. We will also do a lot of group work, so be prepared to get to know a roomful of people way, way better than you thought you could in four days.

Q: Am I going to have to get naked and rub up against strangers?

A: That’s not really how we roll here. BUT you may have to interact with strangers (unless you magically know all the people in the workshop), and some of those interactions might be quite vulnerable, less in the rubbing up against sense and more in the revealing yourself sense.

Q: Can I please get naked and rub up against strangers?

A: By all means, with their consent of course, but that isn’t really the crux of what we’re doing here – and you may have to do it during the breaks.

Q: Can I come with my partner?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I come alone?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it better to come with a partner or alone?

A: They are both really different. This stage of the work is individual, it’s you, looking at yourself, learning about yourself and studying deeply the cause and effect between what you put out in the world and what the world gives back. Attending the workshop alone will give you space to discover this link and call in whatever changes you would like to bring to the way you relate to yourself and others. Coming with a partner will allow you to do the same, but will also give you insight into your partner’s cause and effect, creating empathy, giving you new insight into your connection and hopefully bringing you closer.

Q: Who are these workshops for?

A: Lots of different people in lots of different moments. They are for anyone seeking to learn about themselves, to redefine their relationship with their sexuality. They are for people that think that sex is the single most sublime experience on the planet. They are for people who feel like something is inherently wrong with their sexual expression and who feel like there’s no way to fix that. They are for people who have a nagging feeling that sexuality could be much more than what it actually is. They are for spiritual people who don’t really get why there is a link between spirituality and sexuality. They are for people who don’t really get why the same relationship seems to keep repeating again and again. They are for anyone who is actually ready and courageous enough to look at their habits, their limits, their demons and their potential.